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Now You Know

"Every Step You Take is One They Won't Have To"

By Cindy Martinez

Team World Vision is the largest organization that provides clean water for those in need. Every year Team World Vision participates in a 6K marathon that works to raise money for the thousands of kids that are lacking water. The point of the marathon is to put the lack of water into perspective. Every day children all over the world walk at least 6 kilometers carrying a huge jug in order to find water to drink. This water isn't fresh or clean and ends up causing illness but they need some type of water to survive. Donating even a small amount of $50 provides fresh clean water for one person for the rest of their lives. Children's lives are revolutionized by water. They possess significant health, better nutrition, and can receive an education instead of carrying water all day. Team World Vision is constantly aiding those in need no matter the circumstance. Just participating in this marathon fundraises money for the cause. Mayfair has a club that meets every Friday at lunch, preparing and planning for the marathon, as well as raising money. If you would like to try and aid these kids consider participating as well. 

Prevent Millions from Starving

By Cindy Martinez

Four months after the Taliban has reinstated their regime in Afghanistan, they are facing immense economic decline. Afghanistan has lost billions in dollars in order to protect themselves from the Taliban which has led them in dire condition for the upcoming winter. About 23 millions of Afghans are expected to endure life-threatening malnutrition, around half of their entire population. Hospitals and humanitarian organizations are overwhelmed by the terrible shape Afghanistan is in for the freezing temperatures to come. Not only are Afghans experiencing a food crisis, drought, and a crippling workforce, they are also suffering due to the COVID-19 virus. If you are able, please help save these families who are unprepared for the freezing upcoming temperatures struggling to provide food for their families. 

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