No More Sisters Left  Behind

By Sierra Heaton


This is a movement/ saying to spread awareness and to call for action to address the MMIW (Murdered and Missing Indigenous women) crisis. More than 5,000 indigenous women were missing and killed in 2016 and the numbers continue to go up. This is a crisis that has been swept under the rug for years and ignored by people who didn't know about the mistreatment of Native Americans, so now there are multiple ways people can help as a community to bring awareness to this movement and to help protect Indigenous women and children. 

Now You Know

Protect Asian Lives

By Sierra Heaton


This is an unofficial slogan/hashtag widely used on TikTok to help fight against anti-Asian hate crimes and to make sure we protect our Asian friends. Ever since COVID started, hate crimes against Asians have gone up tremendously. It always happened before then, but COVID was the cause of people showing their true colors, putting Asians in serious danger. Just like with other minorities there are multiple things that we use in our daily life that were made by Asian descent: Ray-Ban, compasses, the original Playstation consoles, Converse shoes, and more. They do not deserve to be treated this way after all the things they have given us without asking for anything in return. Multiple people have asked why it is called ProtectAsianLives and not ALM (Asian Lives Matter). If you have watched the news recently and caught on, they have recently blamed black people for the hate crimes. With that being said, saying replacing the black with Asian belittles the BLM movement, which causes people to be pinned against each other. Calling it ProtectAsianLives will help any race join in without feeling like they’re being stepped on. Support between races is most important now. Protect Asian Lives, and support Asian businesses! 

Help This Mayfair Family to Pay for Final Expenses

Senior Eden Geddes recently lost her grandfather unexpectedly. The family opened a GoFundMe fundraiser page to help pay for final expenses and to help their family deal with their loss.