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Y2K Fashion Comes Back due to the Appeal of Gen-Z

As you may notice on social media or on the streets, Y2K, an aesthetic that consists of low-rise and wide legged jeans, chunky belts, and unique shirts with additional trucker hats and accessories that trended in the 2000's, has started trending once again mainly from TikTok and K-Pop idols.  

Recently in 2023, Gen-Z has revived Y2K from the popularity and influence of social media such as TikTok, K-Pop groups like NewJeans, and music. It surprised many millennials and gave them a wave of nostalgia as they see fashion repeat itself. Moreover, Gen-Z hasn’t fully brought back Y2K but instead modernized the style while also staying true to Y2K. Although modern Y2K isn’t as “futuristic” or “space-age vibe” (to what Google says Y2K is), the trends now consist of new ways of styling wide legged and low rise jeans and even futuristic glasses. It truly brings creativity to the table when it comes to many expressing themselves in nostalgic fashion that their parents may have worn in high school if they also enjoyed Y2K. 

There was a misconception in the media of the controversy of Gen-Z slandering Y2K because many believed the aesthetic consisted of stars and baggy jeans, but really Y2K is more diverse and there is more to the style than stars and cat beanies. Admittedly, Y2K does have a factor of stars like on shades and shirts; however, it was deceiving when many wore stars on every piece of clothing they wore and called it Y2K. Over time the “star Y2K” slowly faded away as it seemed more of a phase, but still a good majority enjoy this style yet is quite spread into grudge, Y2K, and street wear. 

Overall, everyone has their own view on a style of clothing and the importance of fashion is that it’s subjective. Even though Y2k had a distinctive style in the 2000’s, it doesn’t mean Gen-Z and newer generations can't recycle the style and even change it to how they perceive the style. It seems Gen-Z fashion mixes many older trends into one diverse array of clothing, and despite many having mixed feelings about this idea. It shows how evolutionary clothes are to everyone and impactful clothes can affect others; where new fashion can be reused and now blended. For even an outfit that may not seem as impactful now can inspire the next generation.

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