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Metro Boomin in the Mix

Not so long ago, Metro Boomin dropped an instrumental to “fight back” to Drake. In case you haven’t heard, a small rap battle turned major argument has recently emerged from Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Some might say that this beef might’ve been one of the biggest beef battles in rap history. But we’re not here to talk about the very beginning of the beef or whose side we’re on, we’re talking about Metro Boomin’s contribution to the diss between the 2 heads of rap. From the beginning to now, we’re going to talk about Metro Boomin in the Drake V. Kendrick beef.

When Drake and J. Cole dropped “First Person Shooter” on October 6 2023, Kendrick alongside Metro and Future made “Like That” in response on March 22nd 2024. This marks Metro’s first involvement with the Kendrick and Drake beef. To respond to this, Drake drops the song “Push Ups”, where he disses all the artists featured in “Like That” including the producer, Metro Boomin. In the song he tells Metro to shut up and make some beats, since Metro Boomin is a producer after all. 

To everyone’s surprise, Metro drops the instrumental “BBL Drizzy”, practically dissing Drake. The reason why this is so surprising is because producers normally don’t write the songs themselves, they make the beat. In the instrumental, Metro says that Drake has a “BBL” over and over again. Now depending on how you look at it, either Drake started Metro’s rapping career and that he should take credit. Or you can look at it as Metro doing a 1 time thing and making something unique. One thing for sure though: Metro made the instrumental open to the public. This means anyone can make a song using his beat to diss Drake.

Cover photo credits to JD Sports on Youtube via Wikipedia Commons

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