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Kendrick May Have Won the War, but J. Cole Won the Majority’s Respect

In the start of the rap war between Kendrick Lamar, Drake Graham, and J. Cole, J. Cole backed down from the beef early on, removing one of his diss songs “7 Minute Drill”. As well as apologizing for being involved and expressing great regret, calling his response for his diss for Kendrick as “lame” and “goofy”. Although the media has expressed how J. Cole was a wuss for backing down, later on now many have taken back their statement, calling J. Cole “The Smartest Man” and “Humble”.

Since the fight went on, Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s diss-tracks became more intense and heated, fans praised it and called it “revolutionary for hip-hop”; however, there were perspectives of others saying how childish it is for them to repetitively make songs back and forth instead of talking it out like grown men and J. Cole was the first to realize it. 

He was conflicted because he felt no grudges between any of them, but he knew that everyone wanted to see the fight unfold saying, “they wanted to see blood”.  Even so he stepped back and realized he had no beef with them, and wanted to instead make peace with them because he still believed in “The Big Three” and saw them as his peers; thus, many hip-hop fans called him humble and respected him deeply for stepping up for what he felt was spiritually right. For he was the most mature man in the situation to not deal with the controversy and admitted his faults instead of continuing to diss Kendrick Lamar with no satisfaction. As he felt that making these diss tracks wasn't the path of his career and would rather work on music that is more true to himself. 

Even now Kendrick Lamar and Drake are still going back and forth, the media said that Kendrick “slaughtered” Drake, and it’s like rubbing salt in the wound as Kendrick’s lyrics were more poetic and more impactful than most of Drake’s songs. So as many predicted, Kendrick won the war and it’s like kicking a dead corpse at this point, but J. Cole was the real one who left respectfully before the fight escalated. For J. Cole’s role there was to set a good example of celebrity, and to be the peacekeeper that was needed the most even if it was early on because with great power comes great responsibility. 

There are numerous videos of people who are already tired of the beef which is valid considering it seems Drake still won’t admit he lost, but many like myself just miss The Big Three and wish they could make up again because who would you choose? A suspected pedophile or a suspected wife beater (both were claimed in Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s diss tracks against each other).

Image by Casey Budd from Pixabay

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