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What's Up With Black Friday?

Black Friday, the holiday where you can get a TV for cheap or witness a fully grown woman punch a child for a doll worth 10 dollars. All of which are considered the norm during this day (even the woman punching the child… ish). One of the most highly anticipated holidays for adults and shopping enthusiasts. Or… it was. As of this past Black Friday, an alarming amount of shoppers are NOT camping outside of stores early in the morning or crowds of people fighting each other for a discounted blender. But the question is why? Why isn’t anybody camping outside of Target? Why are there no large stampedes of consumers? Why does no one seem to care about this once great holiday?

One thing to blame for this sudden abandonment of this holiday is modern online shopping. Ordering things without being in a shop in person has been around for decades, and online shopping has been around for a while as well. So why the sudden use of online shopping and not being there in person? Well, in recent years, major shipping companies like Amazon and Shein have grown. With these advancements, these companies are able to hook our interests much faster. With the enjoyment of not needing to move your couch to get your groceries, there’s no wonder why people don’t want to go in person anymore.

Another reason could be the fact that people no longer want large TVs for cheap, instead they want things they actually need. Major shopping industries think the majority of people want electronics or really expensive things, so they discount these devices the most. Instead, with many people having struggles such as unemployment and cheap work and cannot afford groceries to last a week.

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