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The "It-Girl" Mindset - The Power of a Charismatic Young Woman

Teenage girls often feel insecure about themselves, usually from the media's fixed beauty standards, peer pressure, or even friends and family. They usually scroll through Instagram or TikTok, staring at girls who they find “pretty” as their confidence progressively lowers. However, there’s been a development of a positive mindset on some social media platforms. One of these mentalities is the “It-Girl” mindset. The “It-Girl” mindset is special in the sense that it promotes self confidence, charisma, and a stylish demeanor. It enforces the idea of remaining authentic, embracing one’s uniqueness, and giving self-assurance onto oneself.

What does the mindset do? This mindset allows young ladies to feel confident and a sense of security as they embark on their journey of girlhood. It filters the negative distractions one can feel and think, and instead, the “It-Girl'' mindset replaces it with prioritizing one's own potential, standards, and ambitions that will illuminate their future. Besides improving confidence, it also greatly changes their lifestyle and daily routines. It provides motivation to work harder so they can be the best version of themselves. The “It-Girl” mentality improves mental health, making people feel more comfortable and secure with themselves. With this positive mindset, it gives them constant reminders that they are special and loved. Although this ideology does make heavy changes to a teenager, it doesn’t mean to put pressure on them, and the changes don’t have to be considered negative as well. Whenever a young woman feels emotionally drained or depressed, this mentality comforts her with the words, “It’s okay, you can pause and rest. Tomorrow will be a new day.” The “It-Girl” mindset also allows any woman to see life in “rose-colored glasses,” finding beauty, value, and genuine meaning in everything they do.

How does this mindset benefit girls? How does charisma power girls? These young people are able to discover more about their potential and more about things they are naturally good at. With this, charisma comes in hand and allows character development to progress. As a result, they treat themselves with more care. They improve their schedules and time management, and care for their well being physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only self-care, but also improving their academic expertise, physical and mental abilities, and other factors that will contribute to their future. It gives the person a sense of uniqueness and the comfort to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it gives them the strength to express themselves; because at the end of the day, they know that not everyone will be pleased with them. Rather than being negative about it, they disregard the judgment and continue on with their lives. These teenage girls are more likely to be successful because of the positive mindset they implement. It clears the corrupting thoughts in their head as they put devotion and effort into their tasks. The carefree girl can create a personal style varying from appearance, social life, personality, and the aura one displays.

The “It-Girl'' mindset is a unique demeanor created by fellow young women in the media that strive to become the best. These people are aware of the criticism and the doubt every teenage girl struggles with. However, this persona allows girls to develop and create their own identity without discomfort from their peers. It encourages growth and boldness, and a sense of self-love. Furthermore, it allows them to put effort into their studies, improve their self-care routines, and chase after their future goals with confidence. With the guidance of charisma and the “It-Girl” mindset, teenagers can find the inner beauty they possess.

Photo Courtesy of Mayfair's Windjammer

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