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Minimum wage increasing, hours decreasing

As of April 1st, 2024 the minimum wage for most fast food establishments increased 4 dollars more. The fast food wage went up due to various factors such as increased cost of living, high demands for fair wages, and efforts to reduce inequality. However, as someone who works fast food, this was a bad decision.

From our previous minimum wage of 16 dollars, I was able to pull in 35 hours biweekly, now that the minimum wage has gone up to 20 dollars my hours have been drastically cut. 

This isn’t just a problem I have seen firsthand. Many people who have been working many hours have been experiencing hours cut and even being laid off as establishments aren’t willing to pay everyone 20 dollars an hour. 

Because the minimum wage has gone up, so have prices of the food. Which has seen an effect on customers. Everything increasing is becoming bad for the economy, it is a complex topic that needs to be fixed. 

Now that people get 20 dollars an hour and hours are cut, they are ultimately making less than they did before when the minimum wage was still 16 dollars. It has become irritating for employees to go to work for a little amount of time for less money.

This is also upsetting to many unemployed people because fast food isn’t willing to hire any more workers since it means another person has to pay 20 dollars each hour they work. As someone who works in fast food, I do not believe that we needed that raise and it has led to many problems already and we are only one month into it. 

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