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The Blitz System for Tardies

The new tardy system can be very questionable at times. They created a new system to get their students to fix their tardies to reassure the students are on time and ready to learn. It consists of a song being played within the last minute and 30 seconds of passing period. As soon as the entire school hears Happy by Pharrell through the speakers, all students have 90 seconds to get to their respective class. The days and periods in which the songs are played are random that way students don't know when the song will play. The question is… Can it fix tardies? Is it safe?

When a student doesn't make it on time after the song is played, teachers close the doors not allowing anyone inside. Forcing the students to go to the big M, and receiving a slip with a call home. Their parents get notified. If the student doesn't want to get in trouble, they would do their best to get to class on time before the song ends. If the student is tardy multiple times, a detention slip will be given and they will have to attend in order otherwise they will be given more slips.

Some students say that the blitz system is unsafe and might cause some injuries. Reason being that many students might bump into some students as they hurry to make it to class on time tripping or even falling, causing multiple injuries. This can cause injuries if falling and for this, I believe it is not a safe system in the long run

In the end, I believe that the school should give it a try. This still opens room for injuries in students not being careful. With the new drug dogs coming soon it can even be more dangerous for students to run since the dog can smell something, start running, and not realize a student is in the way of its target. Bonuses for the students that do make it on time are Minga points which can be used for multiple school uses. At the end of the day let's just hope everyone is just happy.

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