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SkillsUSA CA 2022-2023

Are you in a CTE class and want to participate in an activity that will stand out for college/university applications, while getting an experience of a lifetime? Well, SkillsUSA is what you’re looking for. You get to learn not only CTE (Career Technical Education) courses, but you get to show off the skills that you learn in the classroom to different chapter members within SkillsUSA. You get to travel to Ontario, CA where you get to compete with other locals and chapter members. It’s not just about the competition, but about the experience you get.

Mayfair had more than 20 students participate this year with our school’s Physics teacher, Mrs. Adriatico. Where she led her engineering and physics classes to learn new things. Allowing for students to not only get out of their comfort zones, but also being able to continue and make new friends within their social lives. Our computer and gaming courses, as well as certain CALAPS’ students from Bellflower and Mayfair were also allowed the experience to compete within their CTE courses.

Of course not all competitions are specifically based on certain curriculums learned in classes, but there can also be topics such as public speaking, wood work, t-shirt and pin design, and other options that you are able to pick from!

Mayfair High School SkillsUSA’s Chapter is one of 6 schools awarded Silver Level in the Chapter for the Excellence Program and it comes with a $2000 reward (The check is on the way). A special "by invitation only" dinner event, the "SkillsUSA Evening of Excellence" was given to all schools who have achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze status last Saturday, the 15th of April.

Mayfair was given the "Chapter of Distinction Silver Level" certificate, and a silver pin. The event was attended by advisor, Ms. Annabel Adriatico and students, Leah Simmons (the SkillsUSA Chapter president) and middle schooler, Josh Nathaniel Tirona. The students were chosen based on their active participation in all the SkillsUSA activities Mayfair’s SkillsUSA Chapter accomplished.

The SkillsUSA California 56th Annual Leadership and Skills Conference winners for Mayfair are:

Gold for the Creed (MS Category, Dylan Washington -7th) and Bronze for Extemporaneous Speaking (HS, Namanpreet Bains -9th).

If you want to stand out and get the opportunity to explore different CTE paths, while being able to receive experiences, our local chapter here at Mayfair encourages you to join a CTE class and to also join SkillsUSA. After all, our theme this year was and always will be in our hearts, “Our Time Is Now!” and it’s your time to shine. We encourage you to join CALAPS, to join a CTE course, and get the opportunity to travel and grow as an individual. For more information on how you can join SkillsUSA and become a member, you may talk to Mrs. Adriatico (also known as Mrs. A) on how you can be the next member to join. Not only are you preparing yourself to be a world class worker, a responsible American Citizen, and getting the best education possible on the career that you want to pursue, but you would also be getting another element to add onto your resume and applications for colleges/universities. It takes experience after all to be a leader and testify your experiences. Join now!

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