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Simone Biles' Husband

Jonathan Owens is an NFL player and currently plays for the Green Bay Packers; who are in the 2024 playoffs, is generally a good player with 210 total tackles to his name. He is no other than Simone Biles' husband. Recently, in an interview Owens declared that he was the catch in the now married couple’s relationship. He had also stated when they first met on a dating app he didn’t know who Biles was. In the same interview, Biles said that in the future she will be known as Jonathan Owens’ wife, the opposite of how their relationship works now.

After the interview Owens came under fire for saying he was 'the catch in the relationship'. Since, thousands of videos, posts and even interviews discussing how Owens was in the wrong on who is 'the catch', and how irrelevant he is compared to Biles.

A trend has sparked, the public would then ask strangers on the street if they recognize a picture of Owen and what he does for a living. The majority wouldn't until they demonstrated an image of Biles; the people's reaction including responses were much more accurate and correct. once realizing that they were referring to Simone Biles' husband. 

In general, I do believe Owens is in the wrong for saying he was 'the catch' in comparison to Biles...but everyone must admit he is a catch because him being a NFL player who has a pretty good contract and is average at what he does is not an easy feat. It compares to Simone Biles career which started when he was still playing college ball at Missouri Western. Additional to that Biles is the most decorated American Olympic gymnast for both men and women. 

Additionally to the backlash and videos Owens have received, many are also comparing him to other famous NFL players. Like Travis Kelce and Kyle Juszczyk. In Kelce’s relationship he praises his girlfriend Taylor Swift and admits that she is above him in the relationship even thought he himself has a dominated NHL career known as one of the best tight ends of the game, and has won various Superbowls.

While on the sort of the opposite version of this is Kyle Juszczyk who is now a 49 and has scored in a superbowl and has had many nominations for the NFL’s pro bowl. But he still credits and praises his wife who is a designer in her free time and has had celebrities like Simone Biles.

Image courtesy of Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil: Wikimedia Commons

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