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Say No to drugs! Say Yes to Drug Dogs?

Within the past week, teachers and counselors here at Mayfair have stated that drug dogs were coming to our campus to sniff out students who have drugs on them.

The problem with this, is that the staff let the students know prior. Meaning, the kids who usually do have drugs on them had time to prepare for this search. They may have either left their drugs at home or with someone else.

As for the process of this, the police came with drug dogs and each dog went to different classrooms. They entered the class, made students leave their stuff on their desk and line up outside. The dogs then proceeded to sniff each individual and continue on. If one was found with the smell of drugs on them, they would be taken to the office.

From what students have heard, this hasn’t happened. Now, I am unsure about the future of this and if it will continue. Is it effective? Is it beneficial? I don’t believe so, because like previously stated, the staff gave students “warnings.” Maybe for the first time it wasn’t so beneficial, but in the future it may be.

In the future, I believe no warnings should be given out because students can and will tell their peers, and it will go around. While in the meantime, security should be doing their best to try and find people with drugs to prevent having police come onto campus with drug dogs to find those students.

This can have a good impact in the future because it can prevent students from using drugs while on school campus and even prevent drug deals from happening on our campus.

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