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Ranking Thanksgiving Dishes

During Thanksgiving and the Holidays, people are excited to see family members who they haven’t seen in a while and eat dishes that they’ve been waiting for all year. In this article, I’m going to be ranking the top 5 Thanksgiving dishes from best to worst. 

#1 Macaroni and cheese

(Picture credit: Martin)

Any house you go to for Thanksgiving this year is bound to have a tray of Mac n Cheese. The one thing that many people can agree on is whether it be your grandma, your mom or dad; one of them makes really great mac and cheese. 

#2 Mashed Potatoes

(Picture credit: David Kessler)

Most families who serve mashed potatoes can agree that mashed potatoes are one of the greatest dishes served at Thanksgiving. Even though it’s a simple dish, it’s an enjoyable dish to enjoy at dinner. 

#3 Collard Greens

(Picture credit: GbergT)

Most of the Thanksgiving dinners I’ve attended have always served collard greens as a dish and I always enjoyed it. Collard greens for me, is always a dish I expect to be served at Thanksgiving making it somewhat of an iconic dish for me. 

#4 Dinner rolls 

(Picture credit: advencap)

Another Thanksgiving dish that I enjoy—although not as much as others—are dinner rolls. Though dinner rolls are very delicious with their buttery goodness, it is a side that may be considered a simple or classic side for Thanksgiving. When you think about Thanksgiving you think of turkey, stuffing and many other dishes. Even when eating your Thanksgiving plate nine times out of ten, the rolls are the last thing you eat; proving the point that rolls are a delicious yet very boring dish served at Thanksgiving.

#5 Ham

(Picture credit: Judy Baxter)

Lastly, an iconic yet in my opinion the worst dish served at Thanksgiving. Every personal experience I’ve had when eating Ham has been slightly deceiving. It was either cold, dry or soggy, yet looked amazingly appetizing. Personally, making ham one of

the less appetizing dishes to be served at


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