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NFL Free Agency Offense Transactions Thus Far

It is the time of year where NFL teams start releasing, trading, or signing new players. So far in just about a week, there have been a ton of transactions. This article will cover the major offensive trades thus far including Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends.


There have been multiple QB trades of mostly backups and reliable second options but there have been some major ones. The first major QB signing this year was Russell Wilson getting signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers on a 1-year deal. Next came Kirk Cousins, who finally left the Minnesota Vikings and will be playing with the Atlanta Falcons next year and three more years after that! Some others worth mentioning are Mitch Trubisky to the Bills, Jameis Winston to the Browns, Joe Flacco to the Colts, Mac Jones to the Jaguars, Sam Darnold to the Vikings, and Gardner Minshew to the Raiders.

Wide Receivers:

There have been multiple resignings of Wide Receivers who remain on the same team and there have also been just a lot of backup players who are not big names. Some of the big names, though, Keenan Allen to the Bears via trade, Calvin Ridley on a 4-year deal to the Tennessee Titans, Jerry Jeudy to the Browns via trade with the Broncos, and Gabe Davis to the Jaguars on a 3-year deal. Though he was franchise tagged by the Cincinnati Bengals, Tee Higgins has requested a trade from the team, but still has not been traded away yet.

Running Backs:

Running Backs have had one of, if not, the most amount of major trades during this offseason. Just to name a few big names; Saquon Barkley to the Eagles on a 3-year deal, Derrick Henry to the Ravens on a 2-year deal, D’Andre Swift to the Bears on a 3-year deal, Austin Ekeler to the Commanders via trade with the Chargers, Josh Jacobs to the Packers on a 4-year deal,  Joe Mixon to the Texans via trade with Bengals, and Aaron Jones to the Vikings on a 1-year deal. Besides the major names, there have been many more Running Back trades, and this group of players has had the most changes and trades in the last few days.

Tight Ends:

Tight Ends of the NFL have had the least trades in the past few days, so this section is rather short. Some big names to look for on news teams though are Mike Gesicki to the Bengals on a 1-year deal, Gerald Everett to the Bears on a 2-year deal, Irv Smith to the Chiefs on a 1-year deal, Will Dissly to the Chargers on a 3-year deal, Austin Hooper to the Patriots on a 1-year deal, and Zach Ertz to the Commanders on a 1-year deal. Other than those players, there haven’t been many Tight End transactions between NFL teams in the past few days.

Overall, it should be fun to see these players have new opportunities on different teams and it should also be fun to see major names play for a new team for the first time in their career or in a very long time.

Image courtesy of Flickr: Michael Tipton

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