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Mayfair Presents: Senior Sunrise

Mayfair’s long standing tradition of having their seniors come together to watch the sun rise has officially arrived for the Class of 2024! Seniors meet bright and early to hang out with their friends and fellow classmates, eat an array of snacks and watch the dawn become day.

This year, we met behind the GYM at around 6:30 am (after much hesitant standing around and waiting). All throughout the basketball courts seniors grouped together and set out blankets to sit on. Energy was surprisingly high for how early in the morning it was, some people even jogging around. The music playing could not be heard over the laughter coming from the groups of friends. It was genuine fun just sitting around with friends, simply enjoying their company.

Very suddenly, a very bright orange circle appeared just through the trees lining the perimeter of the field. Never having seen a sunrise, it was very surprising just how quickly it rose. Everyone’s phones went up at the same time all with the same goal of trying to catch the perfect picture. A beautiful, soft yellow light appeared moments after the orange sun rose behind a thick band of clouds. Most people took advantage of this by having photoshoots with their friend groups.

After the sun had fully risen past the clouds, ASB teacher Mrs. McAndrew, rounded all of us up to take group photos with the newly visible sun right behind us. Seniors then broke off to take their own pictures, pick up breakfast, or just go back home until school started. It was not only a nice sunrise to see, but a nice bonding experience with peers.

And with that, at roughly 7:00 am, Class of 2024 had officially completed their first senior activity of the year!

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