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Love Languages

Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, people convey affection through various forms. There are some who prefer showing affection through physical touch, while others like using the art of words. Maybe there is an outgoing person who loves quality time or a stay-at-home person who cherishes acts of service. Every person has experienced at least one of these love languages. When exposed to these forms of affection, one can feel comfortable and loved. People choose the language they believe they can deliver adequately, and what they enjoy receiving. 

  1. Physical Touch

Physical touch is a language that involves physical interaction between people. Such examples can be hugging and holding hands. For intimate relationships it could be cuddling or kissing. When people interact with each other, it forms a bond and helps them become closer in their friendship or relationship. There are points in life where you could hug someone comfortably and they would reciprocate that comfortability.

  1. Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation is a language that is conveyed through words formulated to make someone feel loved and appreciated. Examples could be handwritten letters sent to someone saying “Thanks for the help, appreciate you!” or a text message saying “Good job today, I’m proud of you.” Sometimes it can go to an even further extent, to where someone can use their words artistically. People can use metaphors or similes, or compare things to significant objects or ideas like the moon and sun.  

  1. Quality Time

Quality time is the language in which people spend their time together. This can apply to all places, whether it is traveling to another country, going to the mall or city, or just staying at one’s home and watching movies together. Quality time is about making memories with someone you love. Time cannot be returned so that is why it is seen as the perfect gift, the permanent gift being the memories. 

  1. Gift Giving

Gift giving is the language in which someone expresses their love through handing out presents or gifts. These gifts could range from anything regarding handmade gifts or store bought ones . This would happen any time of the year; it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a specific date or holiday. What matters is that they bought the gift out of love. 

  1. Acts of Service

Acts of service is the love language in which a person offers service to others to show how much they care. That is how they express their appreciation. The act of service, big or small, could show just how much that person means to the person doing the service. For example, if a person’s shoelace became untied, another person would willingly help tie that person’s shoe as a sign of appreciation. Another example could be helping someone carrying a load of groceries or goods to their destination. These acts of service show your appreciation and how thankful you are. 

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