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Wrestling Recap: How it all Went

Mayfair’s wrestling teams have performed well this year; they’ve succeeded in going to CIF’s and becoming the league champions for seven years now. Mayfair boys wrestling have been excellent at keeping the pace these last couple of years proving they're at the top of their game for every match. Boys varsity was able to place first at the Arroyo Classic demonstrating their skills effectively.

Meanwhile, the girls wrestling team has also proven their rightful victory as they came home with five medal winners after their spectacular matches, making Mayfair proud.. Girls wrestling team captain and senior Denise Figueroa was immensely satisfied with the outcome that day, expressing, “ I think everyone did really well and we got really far as a team.”

With both wrestling teams having done so well this year, it's safe to say that there will certainly be high expectations for the years to come. Especially after taking home the suburban league championship for the tenth year in a row. The matches were amazing overall, seeing both the girls and boys work hard and put so much effort during their matches. An official congratulations was given to Mayfair student Andrew Prado for placing in the Best from the West tournament after his skilled performance. Boys wrestling captain, Senior Joseangel Reyes states, “ I was pretty proud of the team and feel happy knowing that I gave it my all. That I put in a bunch of time and that there’s not going to be a lot of things that give you what wrestling gives. Also just making a lot of strong memories.” Especially, after being able to defend their CIF championship for the seventh year in a row already. Their other captain, Senior Esteban Armenta was able to confidently say that his team was “strong” and that, “I was satisfied with our performance. We worked hard.”

In conclusion, this year's wrestling teams proved why Mayfair’s wrestling team is such an amazing program that one is invited to be a part of. The teams are close and strong and they show that each year whether they win or lose. Mayfair's Boys Wrestling most recent stats consist of the Boys Wrestling having 10 consecutive league titles. As well as having won CIF’s with two wrestlers qualifying for the state tournament and one who qualified for a national tournament. The boys wrestling coach, Coach Ibee, says that being their coach, “Is the best feeling getting to see the team and individuals into all that we teach and believe in.”

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