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The Updated Situation in Ukraine as of Late

As the war rages on in Ukraine, the world seems to slowly be covering it less and less as other situations come up. However, the struggles and outrages occurring in Ukraine have yet to slow down. Much of the news there mainly applies to the war effort, since diplomacy and other routes seem to have fallen out.
Starting with countries not involved in the conflict, the U.S still continues its policy of sanctions and supplies for Russia and Ukraine respectively. As of today on the 28th of April, the House of Representatives has passed legislation to start a lend-lease program with Ukraine, which will hopefully lead to more weapon supplies arriving there. As for Europe and the EU countries, countries like Germany have started to finalize their minimal use of Russian gas. Russia has started to deny any gas traveling to the EU, but the effect of starting such a thing so late has reduced any true effectiveness immensely. Countries like Canada have even gone so far as to help train Ukrainian soldiers on howitzer artillery guns.
Moving on to the main combatants, Ukraine and Russia, the roles played have yet to change. Russia still is the “war crime committing bad guy”, while Ukraine wages a defensive war “and holds a moral high ground”. The actual situation on the ground has changed drastically as well, Russian troops in the North and South of Ukraine have pulled out as Russia moves all of its forces to attack the East. Russian troops still sustain heavy losses compared to Ukraine, even so Ukraine has started to lose slight ground and Zelensky admitted to losing several towns and villages in the East.
Overall, the situation has stayed to combat, and strategy changes between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile Russia becomes socially, economically, and culturally isolated, and Ukraine is encouraged and enabled with supplies to fight the war.

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