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The Upcoming Avatar Game

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Releasing on December seventh is a new video game based on the continuing Avatar movies by James Cameron. The official name is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. This free-roam action-based game takes place in Western Pandora. You will have the ability to explore the magical environment on this untamed planet while following a first-person/ third-person story. The game was developed by Massive Entertainment and will soon be published by Ubisoft. It is said to be released on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

So far the story is said to surround you as a young Na’vi who was raised by humans (the RDA) to betray your own kind and work for their own cause. That is until a sizable battle breaks out at the camp you are currently training at. Shortly after, you seem to be hidden away in a deep sleep for fifteen years and then awake, determined to take down the RDA and help save your people. The storyline seems to be really similar to the movies, except everything is based in a different part of Pandora and a different group of Na’vi.

As far as gameplay goes, you will have access to weapons both human and Na’vi. According to Techradar, the story is said to be played through Na’vi’s perspective, giving you elevated agility and movement. The environment varies with different biomes including open grasslands and lush forests. Travel can come with mounts or vehicles meaning you will have the chance to obtain an airborne companion to accompany you during your journey while also caring for them. This also gives you access to horses which you can learn to ride. You will have the chance to battle beasts and help save your people and Pandora from the RDA.

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