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The Pirate Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie was supposed to star in the spin-off movie of "Pirates of the Caribbean", but has since been forgotten about by Disney. According to Robbie, she and the writer of her film “Birds of Prey”, Christina Hodson, had been working on the film together for a while and the women were told by Disney that there wouldn’t be any further development with the film. Though the cast of this would have a lot of females Robbie said, “... we thought would’ve been really cool, but I guess they don’t want to do it..(CNN. com)”. This was the plan for Robbie's movie, to tell a classic tale with a more female dominated cast, yet sadly it didn’t happen. The history of female pirates in real life is indeed very wide-spread and alluring. For instance a very famous female pirate known for preying on fishing vessels in the Southern part of China was Cheng l Sao.

When Sao first came to a life of crime was in 1801. She first started the piracy with her husband and they raided small fishing boats in Southern China. They did this for 6 years, until her husband's death in 1807, but even then that didn’t stop her. Sao and the fleet of men that they had made still committed piracy until 1844 when Cheng l Sao died in 1844 at the age of 69. There are many more famous pirates out there who are female, so it’s understandable to see Robbie’s disappointment when having the opportunity to create something big, but then having it taken away from you because a company just doesn’t want to work with you anymore.

Though, even with being told that the project won’t be continuing on, Robbie still is being casted in other movies coming out next year. So not all hope is lost for Robbie seeing as she has other movie roles lined up that are said to be coming out next year. In that case stay tuned for what Robbie has in store because you can never know with Harley Quinn.

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