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The new iPhone 13 release

Apple released the latest model of their iPhone assembly on September 14, 2021, with several models consisting of varying features depending on consumer preference. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are slightly more affordable, as compared to their more expensive counterparts, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 Pro assembly features a wider lens and more proficient camera qualities for those who desire it, whereas the iPhone 13 mini features a smaller overall size for convenience. The iPhone 13 is largely similar to its predecessors but includes several new features.

The physical composition of the iPhone 13 is essentially identical to the previous model, the iPhone 12. It possesses the same flat-edged design and is mostly encased in ceramic glass with a stainless steel or aluminum frame, with a slight increase in overall thickness. It still includes Face ID, supports Bluetooth and 5G connectivity, and all of its predecessor’s camera qualities and abilities. All iPhone 13 models are available with a Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, or Red finish.

The new releases all feature a more exceptional camera and OLED screen display that is around 28% brighter and includes better resolution, now being able to support 4K displays and 60 fps, which allows for smoother and more high definition videos, photos, recordings, video chats, etc. than previous models. “Cinematic Mode” has been included as an additional photo option, which allows its user to capture high-quality photos and videos. Similar to “Portrait Mode”, “Cinematic Mode” essentially enhances lighting and contrast, while focusing on the center subject and evenly blurring the background, thus creating a seamless, cinema-like depth effect.

The battery life in the new iPhone 13 models has also considerably improved due to the implementation of larger batteries and the new A15 Bionic chip that powers the devices. Apple claims that the iPhone 13 mini can now offer “1.5 hours”, whereas the standard iPhone 13 possesses “2.5 hours” more battery life than previous iPhone models. However, keep in mind that battery life and usage greatly depend on user habits. For instance, users that utilize apps that require more battery consumption, such as 4K streaming, will not have as long of battery life as individuals who do not commonly or consistently use such apps or features.

The price for the standard iPhone 13 alone is $799 whereas the iPhone 13 mini costs $699, and the iPhone 13 Pro $999. Apple does offer discounts depending on phone carriers and for trading in older models. The company only includes the smartphone and “a USB‑C to Lightning Cable” in the package. No EarPods or power adapter are included with the purchase “as part of [Apple’s] efforts to reach [their] environmental goals” and recommend reusing any accessories that may be compatible with the new model. Should users not possess any of the aforementioned accessories, “they are available for purchase” online or at any Apple store.

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