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The Last 24 Hours

Cyber Monday has been around for many years alongside the famous “Black Friday” deals that have been active for many years. However, “Cyber Monday” deals haven't been around for as long as you think. It only started on November 28, 2005. The idea was started by Ellen Davis in 2005 to allow small online businesses to have their sales after “Black Friday”. Many people use this as a way to get needed products for lower prices than what they are. Though said prices aren’t that different then the original prices, they still push people into shopping and support them. The main reason why Cyber Monday was made was to encourage people to buy things online. Though many didn’t buy things online except for the big name brand companies that they felt safe with, some still even felt that it was a scam because of the low prices, but this was only the small start for the biggest deal of the year. Especially during the pandemic, the sales were very high during Cyber Monday, but the Black Friday events sadly topped it once again showing the sales to be higher than ever for Black Friday.

Though the sales of both holidays benefit many people, the main reason why people like to have the online shopping is because they can order it from the comfort of their own home without having to worry about people fighting or the long lines to wait to get in the store. Even many apps and games people play have started to have in-game sales for Cyber Monday, which is very influential when thinking about the outcome of Cyber Monday. It’s both great and very helpful to have the Cyber Monday deals because you can get items at a lower price and see just what you can use to increase the comfort of your home. Happy shopping, see you next year on Monday.

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