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Four Beloved Teachers Bid Farewell to Mayfair High School: A Tribute to Mrs. Skorka, Ms. Holcomb, Mr. Green, and Mr. Bybee 

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Mayfair High School is marking the end of an era as it bids farewell to four of its dedicated and cherished educators: Mrs. Skorka, Ms. Holcomb, Mr. Green, and Mr. Bybee. They are retiring after decades of service, leaving behind a legacy of dedication, inspiration, and commitment to their students and the community. Their retirements are not just the end of their teaching careers but the closing of a significant chapter in the school's history. This tribute aims to celebrate their contributions and reflect on the impact they had on Mayfair High School. 

Mrs. Skorka: A Journey of Transformation and Support

Fourteen years ago, Mrs. Skorka was "forced” to transfer to Mayfair from Baxter, a move she initially resisted. Little did she know that this change would be one of the best things to happen in her career. “The first thing I discovered was a staff member that was one of the most supportive teachers I had ever met," she recalls. The supportive environment at Mayfair helped her transition and ultimately fostered her love for teaching missile school students. 

Mrs. Skorka is eagerly looking forward to retirement, envisioning a future filled with leisurely activities, “I plan on reading good books, going on long walks, traveling, watching Netflix, and, did I mention, reading good books!?” she exclaims. Her excitement is palpable, and it is clear that she plans to relish every moment of her well-deserved retirement. 

Ms. Holcomb: A Legacy of Music and Joy

Ms. Holcomb’s career at Mayfair spans an impressive 39 years. Over the decades, she has been an integral part of the school’s fabric, contributing significantly to its music program. Reflecting on her time at Mayfair, she describes it as a "great place to work" and expresses hope that the music program will continue to thrive in her absence. Her dedication to fostering a love for music among students has left an indelible mark on the school.

For Ms. Holcomb, retirement is synonymous with freedom and adventure. She plans to travel, have fun, and rest, embracing the new chapter of her life with the same enthusiasm that she brought to her teaching career. Her optimism for the future and her gratitude for the past highlight the joy she has found in her work and the excitement she feels about what lies ahead.

Mr. Green: Reflections on a Quarter-Century of Teaching

A commitment to academic excellence marked Mr. Green's 25-year tenure at Mayfair. Reflecting on his experience, he expresses a desire to focus on rigor and the protection of class time, wishing the school had prioritized these aspects more. His insights underscore a career dedicated to maintaining high standards and a focus on meaningful educational outcomes. 

As he looks to the future, Mr. Green is eager to enjoy the freedom from the frustration and stress that comes with teaching. While he is unsure of his exact plans, he is excited about the possibilities that retirement holds. His reflective nature and anticipation for new experiences illustrate his readiness to embark on this new phase of life. 

Mr. Bybee: A Journey of Support and Reflection

Mr. Bybee, who has been with Mayfair for 14 years, reflects on how quickly time has flown by in his career. “I always felt supported by the Mayfair administration and it was a pleasure working with the counselors," he says. He highlights the mutual respect and support among the staff and acknowledges the positive impact this had on his experience at the school. He fondly remembers seeing a little bit of himself in his students, which helped him relate to them and understand their lives better. 

Mr. Bybee's retirement plans are a mix of personal projects and family time. He looks forward to traveling with his wife, tackling a lengthy list of handyman tasks, and spending quality time with his granddaughter. “As I'm entering the fourth quarter of my life, I think it's important that I do things that bring me joy," he remarks, with a focus on living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the years to come. He hints at the possibility of returning to Mayfair as a substitute teacher in the future, promising that this farewell might not be a permanent one.

As Mrs. Skorka, Ms. Holcomb, Mr. Green, and Mr. Bybee retire from Mayfair High School, leaving behind a legacy of passion, dedication, and positive influence on countless students and colleagues. Their contributions have shaped the school’s community and will continue to inspire future generations. While they each embark on new adventures and embrace the next chapter of their lives, their impact on Mayfair will be remembered and cherished by all who had the privilege of knowing them. May their retirements be as fulfilling and joyful as the careers they passionately pursued.

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