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Mayfair High’s Duck Residents' Crushed Eggs

Updated: May 31

In Mayfair High School, there have been recent events of two popular ducks who’ve warmed the hearts of many students, but as well as dealt with unfortunate events. Different from the usual seagulls that stalk the students at lunch or come and go, these ducks are more grounded than seagulls, and are often seen waddling around together or separating as if they’re residents. There is also a fan account for these ducks where the account informs news and sends posts of the ducks chilling around the school with the help of other students who send the photos.

As these silly ducks have gotten more popular, on May 5th, 2024 was when it was first spotted that the ducks laid two eggs in the 100 wing of the middle school grounds of Mayfair. These eggs were hidden in the bushes but were discovered by many of the students including the fan account. As many were thrilled, overtime on May 9th, the nest expanded to four eggs! 

However, a day after one of the students, who will not be named, was recorded taking one out of the four eggs from the nest and smashing the egg on the floor with a group of other students watching. It was a sad day which only went downhill, the next day a different student, who will not be named, broke the rest of the three eggs. The egg breaking was not recorded but there were five witnesses who confirmed separately the unfaithful event. 

Since the ducks are mallard ducks, they’re protected by California under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Meaning it is illegal to kill or remove the ducks, destroy their nests, or destroy their eggs. While the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 isn’t often enforced, anyone who breaks it faces penalties, including six months in jail, a fine up to $15,000, and forfeiture of their weapons used in the pursuit. 

Although the perpetrators have been reported to the office, there has been no news of the school taking action and we cannot say if they were taken into action or not. As well as a few staff saying that the eggs may have been crows eggs that fell on the ground from natural causes. However, the eggs in the nest were white and resembled many of the traits to a mallard duck egg, than a crow egg that are lush-green ground color and black or brown blotches. Also, the eggs could have not been crushed from natural causes since they were hidden in a bush that was not high up; there is video evidence that was shown of the student who smashed the eggs. Even if the eggs weren’t mallard eggs but crow eggs that the person crushed, crow eggs are also protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

From that unfortunate day, the fan account announced the poor news and on May 17th, they held a memorial for the duck eggs that were smashed. Students who participated wore orange and yellow and brought a duck related plushie or toy. 

As we pay tribute to the duck eggs, thankfully, there are still the two ducks waddling around the school grounds, but there’s no nest or eggs to be seen. Margaret Visser once said, “It is the nature of human beings not to be able to leave nature alone.”

Image Courtesy of @mayfair_high_ducks.

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