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New Single and Album Announcement: Beabadoobee’s “Take A Bit”

On May 9th, Singer-Songwriter Beabadoobee released her single “Take A Bit” and also announced her third studio album This Is How Tomorrow Moves

As for the single, the song alludes to a lifestyle of toxicity. It talks about how participating in not-great decisions is almost like a compulsion. Bea describes it as “taking a bite” and reaching for it.

This Is How Tomorrow Moves, Bea’s new album, releases August 16th. This album will be her 3rd studio album, following Fake It Flowers and Beatopia. In an announcement post, Bea says that this album is her “most personal record, made with love…” While not much is known yet, Bea’s fans are ready to learn more and more as the release date gets closer.

Fans' excitement shot through the roof with all the new content being released. While Bea is not one to take long hiatuses between content, regularly posting on her social media platforms, however having a batch of new songs from the artists that she seems to be very passionate about has raised her fans' urge to hear the album. 

Bea has been very open about her song meanings, however with this song, she released a couple of sentences about her interpretation of this song. Many of the lyrics are not as straightforward as some fans are used to. Many people have begun a discourse on what the song means to them. From agreeing with Bea’s interpretation to creating their own that fits with things they have experienced, everyone has made this song their own. 

It is very exciting to see what will be released as time progresses and what will come of this new era of Beabadoobee!

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