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The Baddest Bunny

Do you know who the biggest artist is right now in the world? Yup, you guessed right: Bad Bunny, formally known as Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio. Bad Bunny is the number 1 on the billboards right now due to his new album “Un Verano Sin Ti.” Bad Bunny is an artist who started from nothing to being known worldwide.

Bad Bunny (aka Benito) was born on March 10, 1994 in Almirante Sur, Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny, like most artists, started from nothing. Bad Bunny, stated in an interview, “I was making music and working at a supermercado. I always kept making music. And I did it with passion”. He also states “At that time, I never made music with hopes of leaving my job. I did it because I loved making music”. Bad Bunny was very passionate about music and like most people believe in, if you follow your passion it’ll lead to success. That's exactly what happened to Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny has two siblings, Bernie and Bysael, all three having the last name Ocasio.

Bad Bunny grew up with both of his siblings and his father, Tito and his mother, Lysaurie. According to the Puerto Rican rapper, his parents had a passion for music which of course influenced Bad Bunny. Overall, Bad Bunny’s family had a strong impact on his life but nothing would've been possible if he would’ve never started.

Bad Bunny released his first song on Soundcloud in 2016 called “Diles” which caused him to gain fame. Ever since that day, he has grown to be one of the top artists or if not the best artist in the world according to many people and the billboards. Currently, he is second in the billboard as a solo artist but has in the past been number one. Finally, Bad Bunny has worked his way to becoming one of the top artists in the world. It's crazy to see an artist who started from nothing to now having everything; pure talent.

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