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The 14th Annual Hiram “Chick” Peterson Game

One of the long standing traditions at Mayfair High School is attributed to Hiram “Chick” Peterson and in his memory, all students and faculty wear his number, 44 on their backs. In this basketball game, two seniors from each sport make up a roster and face off against faculty. After two years of being unable to hold this game due to covid, it has returned. These games are 100% fair and in no way contain any bias.
With an astonishing record of faculty winning 12-1, some teachers said some bold things to their senior competitors leading up to game night. All in good fun, though, no mention of any broken ankles or anything. Not to mention seniors took to the intercoms as well and in no way mentioned some of the staff’s ages or skill levels.
Each team’s lineups posed a great range of talent. On the student side we had soccer players, cheerleaders, and more, and on the other hand we had math teachers, coaches etc. – all gathered to play the one game they're passionate about: Basketball!
Needless to say this game was very serious and involved a ref who had absolutely no bias to who he wanted to win.

And luckily, out of respect seniors have for faculty and vice versa, no one got hurt.

This game started out hopeful for the students when they were the first to score but the faculty quickly took back the lead when “Dream Team Shaheen” and “Lay Up Lane” shut them down.

Seniors did not allow too big of a lead, though, when Angelo Dalde, Dominic Allen and Jonathan Vidal scored some 3 pointers, making the faculty panic.

“G Money” and “D Money”, some of the most confident players in the game put some points up too, ensuring the faculty lead the game when going into half time.
Devin Lane answered, though, making a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to end off the second quarter.
During the half we got to see seniors try to make half-court shots for prizes, the only senior to sink it being Caden Southard. We also got to see an amazing performance by Senior Daniel Sepulveda singing “Can't Take My Eyes Off You”.

The seniors enjoyed the performance so much that when they got back on the court, everyone had hope for them again. Right off the bat Nick Adimora put another 3 on the scoreboard and Mariah Overby, Keniya Cleveland and Christaesha Jackson kept it rolling.
Seniors took the lead for a while and the staff got stressed, sending too few or too many players out on the court at once; until “B Ballin Bacani” and “Tre Becay” stepped on the court and started the rhythm again.
We even got to see Devin Lane try to block “West Side Walker” and Mariah Overby guard “Van-Da Bomb” but they were no match for the faculty’s skills. By the end of the game, faculty showed why their record is 12-1, making themselves 13-1 and winning yet another Peterson Game fair and square with no advantages.

Of course, even though the seniors lost they were respectful by example when their coach McAndrew never once questioned the logistics of the game.

D Money and Devin Lane were crowned the MVPs.

Students returned to school on Monday feeling defeated, but needless to say, the faculty didn't give them any criticism nor did they brag in any way.
Mayfair is excited to continue this tradition and look forward to seeing the faculty win once again, striving for that 14-1 title.

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