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Teacher Spotlight: Sra. Kodesh

Many have known Sra. Kodesh to be their Spanish teacher, whether they are in her AP classes or regular, but she's a lot more than that. Sra. Kodesh has had a long history here at Mayfair; she has been a teacher here for 23 years and in that time she has founded clubs, led teams to become champions and even had her own kids graduate from Mayfair!

Sra. Kodesh recently received Mayfair’s Blue Basket from her peer Mrs. Berryman. When asked how she felt about receiving it, she said “ I was shocked and excited since I've been a teacher here for 23 years and I had never gotten it. It also felt nice as it meant I was being recognized by my peers.”

Students also recognize how much Sra. Kodesh has done for them as she has led them to have success in the AP classes she teaches (AP Spanish Language and Culture and AP Spanish Literature). The average passing rate for both classes is around 95%-98%. She mentioned in her interview with us when asked about the AP classes and why she likes teaching them that “I have always loved the Spanish language and loved teaching it, so I encourage students that are bilingual to learn about their culture and their own language. Convincing students to take the AP classes and go the extra mile and receive college credit has definitely been my biggest achievements as an AP teacher.”

Sra Kodesh is also the advisor for the Spanish Club which she founded alongside Sra. Barquero in 2002. The club had traveled to Italy, Spain and parts of Central America. NHS has also been taken over by Sra. Lara, Kodesh and Barquero. In her interview with us she mentioned that without Sra. Lara and Barquero she wouldn’t have been able to continue being the club’s advisor and handle everything else she does at school, which includes her being the Spanish Department Chair.

Another responsibility Sra. Kodesh once held here at Mayfair was the head coach of girls Basketball; in her time as coach the team became Suburban League Champions for multiple years in a row. Basketball was also part of Sra. Kodesh favorite memory here at the school, which was when she went up against her son, a 4-year varsity wrestler in the annual Chick Peterson staff vs seniors Basketball game.

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