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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Jacobs

I remember my middle school English class being a lot of fun; we always had interesting lessons and always read interesting class novels. I still remember how my 8th grade English teacher bribed the students with Jolly Ranchers if we did well in class. I remember enjoying the times we would read together as a class and the times when we had group projects. I will admit though, I didn’t really think ahead into my high school years.

Freshman year was a very new experience for me, it was my introduction to high school: a completely new experience for me. Like many of my classes, I did an okay job in dealing with my work in English. However, the major difference between all my other classes was the fact that my English class was extremely boring. Not because of the workflow, or the constant projects and tests that we did. I just felt like the way we learned the important English terms was very bland. When the school year was over, I was dreading the fact that I was going to be promoted into another year of another boring class.

When I was promoted to my Sophomore year, I thought that it was going to be the same, if not maybe a little bit more bland since I had to mature. That’s when I was proved wrong by my English teacher, Mrs. Jacobs. The way we learned important grammatical phrases was different compared to last year’s English teacher. She made lessons more interesting by giving us interesting prompts when learning about more sophisticated words. She also helped me understand what I needed to know by giving us great examples and guiding me along with other students on the path to success.

So Mrs. Jacobs, thank you for making my learning experience for English interesting and constantly engaging!

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