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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Rajan

This month’s teacher spotlight goes to our environmental science and chemistry teacher Mr. Daniel Rajan. Mr. Rajan has been teaching at Mayfair for two years and has already made a positive impact on our Mayfair students. Not only is he a teacher here at Mayfair, but he is also a Mayfair alumni and valedictorian of the class of 2012. He then graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2018.
When asked about why he decided to teach at Mayfair and what he'd say to his past self he stated, “I would love to tell my old self that you're coming back home. Mayfair was like my second home because of all the memories I had here as a high school student. I find it cool that I came back in a full cycle and get to teach with the people who taught me everything I know. I even get to teach some of my teachers' kids.” He then mentions, “Although, I've been here at Mayfair for two years, it really only feels like one because of online classes due to the pandemic. But I'm happy to finally be back in person and meet my students.”
After his high school journey he went to California State University, Long Beach to pursue a career that would have an impact on someone's life. “Coming out of CSULB, I knew I wanted a job with a true meaning and purpose. And I definitely think that becoming a teacher was something that gave me meaning being able to help others and impact someone's life.” Mr. Rajan then goes on to say that being a teacher wasn't always his main goal but he really loved science and was always good at it. Soon after graduating college, he decided to apply at Mayfair for both environmental science and chemistry.
Although, he teaches environmental science and chemistry Mr. Rajan says,” When I was in high school I took many AP and honors classes. So, it would be nice to teach AP classes later on. But as of right now I'm fine where I'm at because I just love teaching and that's all that really matters.”
Outside of school, Mr. Rajan’s hobbies include watching sports, playing basketball ,and watching cool shows like “Brooklyn nine- nine”. He then goes on to say that he loves to travel,“I've been to New York, Yosemite, and back home in India. I would love to travel way more, especially to Chicago. I hope to travel more soon.” Some fun facts about him is that his favorite color is purple, and his favorite foods are anything spicy.
Mr. Rajan’s final statement about being a teacher was,” I'm not the best or perfect teacher. I definitely have more room for improvement but I feel that everyday I get better and hope to get better. After all, I'm still learning.”
It's clear Mr. Rajan is very passionate about his job and love for science. And we can say he is the definition of “Once A Monsoon, Always A Monsoon. ”

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