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Swifties United

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Most people turn their heads or simply just don’t care how the women of the music industry are treated. One woman I want to talk about in particular is Taylor Swift. She has been fighting for herself, what she stands for, and her rights for years in the industry. Just in recent years, Taylor finally got access to music her and her fans considered, “locked in a vault”. Not to mention Taylor being treated like a dumb kid and stereotypical blonde through all her years in the music industry. Just recently though, she released news of a new midnight album, which fans are getting ready to stay up all night and listen to… including me! Taylor has even gotten backlash from many famous people such as the Kardashians and Kanye West. She’s also gotten backlash through the media and tv shows, which Taylor has spoken up about. Taylor can never catch a break even though many, including myself, would believe her to be deserving of one. She clearly writes songs about her ex’s and some of them laugh it off while others pretend they don’t know of her existence.

She even gets sexualized and harassed but Taylor shows through her music and speaking up in interviews how strong of a woman she truly is. She’s one of the most top paid women in the music industry today, her net worth is around 400 million dollars. People like to judge Taylor and call her music soft and judge the people who even listen to her, but Taylor has been through so many genres of music. She started off soft and country back in 2006 then gave that up to become pop in 2012. Now that she has her own access to her music, she mixes it with a little bit of both so fans of both genres or even more can get the best of both worlds.

Whether they were a fan in her country era or her pop era, they can still be united with her music in both ways. Taylor has even dipped her feet into the director's path and she directed her own little short film “All Too Well (10 minute version)” which is a previous song from her Red album. The short film just won three awards at the VMA’s. It even might get a book, Taylor hinted at wanting to write about it. Fans enjoyed the film and it even stirred up some drama since the song is said to be based off of a young 20 year old Taylor and 30 year old Jake Gyllenhaal's relationship. This also sparked rumors that Taylor will be continuing the line of releasing old albums and really express how they are about a certain ex. This shows how Taylor started young and still continues to grow her fan base. Not only is she worth so much to her fan base, but she deserves so much. In the near future it will be really great to see her incorporate directing and writing into her career besides just making music.

Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi via Flickr + Wikipedia Commons

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