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"Suckerpunch" Review

Recently, Maggie Lindemann released her debut album titled “Suckerpunch” on September 16th. But before I review it, I'd like to give you some background on the artist herself.

Lindemann released her debut EP “PARANOIA” on January 22, 2021, but she made her official album debut this year, even though she’s been active since 2015 with her first song being “Knocking on your heart”. She has her own podcast and record label, both titled “Swixxzaudio”.

Lindemann has been working on this album since before her EP came out. She released the first teaser, being a song from the album, in October 2021. However, she first debuted it live on Maddison Beer’s “Life Support” tour, for which was the opening act for. Lindemann is an alternative rock and pop artist that has worked with people like the Vamps, Travis Barker, Siiickbrain and Kellin Quinn of the Sleeping Sirens. I honestly believe that Lindemann has brought back alternative rock, but in this album she has shown more diversity in her music.

The album includes 15 songs:

  1. Intro / welcome in 1:17

  2. Take me nowhere 2:55

  3. She knows it 2:37

  4. Casualty of you dreams 3:18

  5. Self Sabotage 3:03

  6. Phases 3:04

  7. I’m so lonely for you 2:50

  8. Break me ! ft Siiickbrain 2:34

  9. Girl next door 2:01

  10. We never even dated 2:47

  11. Novocaine 2:42

  12. You’re not special 2:47

  13. Hear me out 2:51

  14. How could you do this to me ft Kellin Quinn 2:40

  15. Cages 2:32

Overall I thought all the songs were good, but here are some of my first thoughts from my first listen: The “Intro / Welcome In” gave good vibes, but it was a little boring and not totally necessary. “Take me nowhere” was great, the beat was weird but somehow still sounded good.. “She Knows it” was a prerelease so it had time to grow on me and I still enjoyed it. “Casualty of your dreams” was weird, it threw me off because of the semi electronic vibes I was getting. “Self Sabotage” is very catchy and has interesting edits. “Phases' ' was interesting, I already knew it was going to grow on me. “I’m so lonely for you” was quite dark and mysterious, but it was similar to the general vibes from the other songs. “Break Me” is a pre-release; it had creepy vibes as well heavier and alternative rock vibes. “Girl next door” was just okay, “We never even dated” was close to a ballad, “Novocaine” had a dark rockish vibe, “You’re not special” was a pre-release, but it still didn’t fully grow on me. “Hear me out” is okay, “How could you do this to me” was another good pre-release and it definitely gave alternative vibes. “Cages” was the last song and didn’t disappoint.

The entire album gave early 2000s vibes, and was really enjoyable.

Lastly my ranking of the songs

  1. Novocaine

  2. Take me nowhere

  3. Casualty of your dreams

  4. Cages

  5. Phases

  6. Break me!

  7. How could you do this to me

  8. She knows it

  9. Your not special

  10. Hear me out

  11. Self Sabotage

  12. I’m so lonely for you

  13. We never even dated

  14. Girl next door

  15. Intro / welcome in

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