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Student Spotlight: Julian Guerrero

Julian Guerrero is a junior here at Mayfair who can commonly be recognized with his guitar around campus. He is the bassist for his band, 1984, that is made up of himself and 4 other students who can commonly be seen jamming out in Mr. Green’s room during their breaks. With their band just taking off earlier this year, Julian is eager to push his band to being completed and start rocking out and making music.

Who is your main inspiration for your music?

Julian: Definitely Radiohead, The Cure or Bad Religion. Bad Religion is a Socal punk band who holds a special place in my heart alongside our drummer of the band.

When did your band form?

Julian: I first had the idea of creating a band back in 2021 during Covid, but the idea never took off. I revisited the idea again earlier this year in January and was actually able to get it off the ground, so now we’re here and working our way to creating our own music.

Do you plan to pursue music full time in your future?

Julian: It certainly is an idea I’ve thought of, but I’ve heard about how the music industry isn’t the best to enter right now. However, living where everything is happening and lots of musical action is always on the rise, it certainly isn’t a thought that’s completely out of the picture.

How did your band name come into formation?

Julian: Our band name, 1984, was solely my idea. I just had an idea on how I wanted a political band name and came up with that.

What motivates you to make music?

Julian: Well, I have a lot of thoughts constantly running through my head, and music became a way for me to channel all my bouncing ideas into something inspiring and moving. It’s difficult at times to always jot down my ideas because ideas will pop into my head at the most random times where I don’t have access to a paper or pencil to jot my ideas down.

If your band could collaborate with any musician or band, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Julian: That’s a really good question; I think if we had the chops, collaborating with The Smiths would be my top choice. I wouldn’t want to collaborate with them just because of Morrisey, but because of Johnny Marr, he’s an amazing musician.

Julian and his band are hard at work and working around everyone’s schedule, as one of their members recently moved to Somerset, creating a challenge the band faces when it comes to coming together to create. Despite their conflicts, the band is dedicated to working together to understand each other and how they wish to take their music to the next level.

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