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Student Spotlight: Eunice Dao

She’s lovely and musically talented, she’s Eunice Dao! As a Monsoon, she found herself growing not only gradually, but personally too. She is a senior who discovered her passion for music in middle school when she first joined the orchestra. She is a determined and persevering teenage girl who sparkles when it comes to the world of music, and of academic excellence. Eunice overcame many trials and tribulations which made her the person she is today. 

When she first came here, she dealt with life’s challenges and continuously forced herself to conform to the environment around her. Middle school was the year when she was still discovering her identity after transitioning from a hybrid program. The burden of not being able to fit in affected the way she perceived the world and others, but she came to a realization. “While there were external factors that contributed to this experience, I had to realize that my biggest nemesis was not my fellow classmates or my family, but rather my low self-esteem and my distorted perception of failure and criticism.” She states.  However, she learned that going through these challenges was all part of a process. “Today, I am more confident, self-assured, and resilient because I refused to let perfection get in the way of my success and goals.” She quotes. Eunice overcame many obstacles in order to stand firmly on ground with hope in her eyes for the future.

Eunice tested herself with AP classes such as AP Chemistry and AP U.S History during her time here in Mayfair. She is the Vice President of the Mayfair Academic Program where she took the role as a biology and chemistry tutor. Although this seemed ideal, she says “As a result, I started to cover up my artistic side and my love for music to pursue harder classes.” Despite these difficult standards she set up for herself, she was able to overpower the fears and anxiety she dealt with — thanks to her inspirations.

Eunice has many inspirations that encouraged her to be courageous and persistent. She says that her family have been supportive of her interests, especially in music despite the fact they are in the STEM industry. She says “My parents have been a huge support in my musical and academic journey, even during times where I had self-doubt and wanted to quit many times.” Not only Eunice’s family inspired her, but her Christian faith has been a fire that ignited in her passionate heart. During times in my life where I was at my lowest and facing many setbacks, my faith in God has helped me get back on track by putting him in the center of my life with everything that I do or want to do.” She states. Because she put her utmost faith onto God, she was able to find herself living in a blueprint He set for her. 

Eunice has been in the orchestra in Mayfair since 7th grade and was a concertmaster for the past few years. She was acknowledged for her leadership and musical skills and as a result, she won the National School Orchestra award twice in a row. Despite her musical prowess, she did not join the MHS Jazz Band until her senior/current year. She was inspired to join after watching them perform in a Christmas concert when she was in middle school. 

She cherishes the concept of music and even plays the piano and the violin. “I was inspired to be in the music programs at Mayfair because I love challenging myself and playing instruments since a young age. It helps me be more creative and improve my self-discipline by trying to practice everyday,” Eunice quotes. “ Besides creativity, playing an instrument has made me stronger in multi-tasking, confidence, stress, and memory capability which could come handy in real-life situations.” Music made an impact on her life which allowed her to be the best version of herself!

Eunice’s future goals include going to community college for 2 years and continuing her education at Cal State Long Beach University. She plans on minoring in architecture and majoring in music studies. She says. “ I want to pursue a PHD and become a college professor in the area of Architecture or music since I have a passion for learning and sharing my skills with others.” 

As a soon-to-be graduating Monsoon, she has shared many precious memories with others. She found many new friends and acquaintances, new interests, but most importantly, personal growth and development. She improved significantly since middle school and found peace in wonderful moments of life. Eunice confidently says, “My senior year has been my best year so far because I have made many new friends and have made stronger friendships with people. My music classes and my friends have definitely been the reason why I look forward to coming to school everyday.” In her many years of Mayfair High School, she went through many obstacles that would seem to defeat her self-esteem but Eunice ultimately realized that everything won’t always fit her ideals. “Blueprints are created by a designer where details, visions and requirements are always changing due to different perspectives. Therefore, flexibility is a must-have in order to navigate and follow your dreams.” She quoted. Eunice may be graduating this year, but she will always be a Mayfair Monsoon who became an inspiration for others. 

Image sent by Eunice Dao on Instagram in Direct Messages.

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