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Stargirl: Another CW Show Bites the Dust

On Halloween, the CW announced that the show Stargirl will eventually end with season 3, which is currently premiering with only 13 episodes in the season. This is after CW announced the cancellation of the following shows: Batwoman, 4400, Charmed, Naomi, Roswell New Mexico, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, Legacies, In the Dark and Tom Swift. They’ve also announced that The Flash, Riverdale and Nancy Drew will have one last season before ending.

Some believe it's because of the fact that the company is being sold and will be under new ownership, but it could also be because of them ending their deals with companies such as Netflix and Warner Bros. Because the Warner Bros is being sold and changed, the rights to the characters are, in turn, also being changed.

The cast and crew members have slowly been coming out with posts on their social media accounts acknowledging the show's ending. They’ve been sharing about what an honor it was to work on the show and be a part of it and posting behind the scenes videos and images from the past years. The Executive Producer, Geoff Johns, had an especially heartfelt message to share as a tribute and final goodbye to the show. It was a video of him thanking the show for allowing him to express himself by the creation of the character, Courtney Whitmore, who was based off of his own late sister who shared the same name. Overall the reactions to the news have been sad, but expected.

Fans of the show have expressed extreme despair because they were expecting more crossovers with the remaining superhero shows, but also shock because Stargirl was one of the better shows under the network and deserved more than just 3 seasons. For instance, when I found out about this I was very shocked and upset. Since the beginning, I watched the premiere of its first episode and have watched almost all of the other shows as well. It was one of the last shows left standing that I watched on the CW, which, for the most part, were only the superhero shows. All of the CW’s superhero shows ended or are currently prepping to end, except for Superman and Lois, which could very well be ending as well because its rights are partly under Warner Bros.

If it does, hopefully it wraps things up and doesn’t leave fans on a cliffhanger, similar to how the other shows were left off, as they were canceled without warning. They do have reasons for why they are being canceled, but it still pains loyal fans of the shows. Especially because teases were shown, such as cameos from past characters and new ones, as was done for Stargirl and The Flash, but sadly, fans have no control over this. All they can do is hope to see their favorite characters for one last time showcased under an amazing light.

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