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Simple Halloween DIYs

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Halloween is coming soon and many are eager to celebrate. Whether that means carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, going to a haunted house, or even just staying home and eating candy! For many, decorating and crafting are favorite activities. One cheap and effective way to spice up your Halloween decor is with DIYs. DIYs, which stands for “do-it-yourself”, are projects and crafts that can be found all over the internet. To help those desiring new ideas or decorations to craft for the upcoming holiday, I’m going to show you how to make a few simple crafts.

Craft #1: Easy Halloween Spider Garland

Items Needed:

  • Black Yarn

  • Black Pipe Cleaners

  • Scissors

For this first project, we will be making small, hangable spider garlands. They are super simple and don’t require a lot of time to make. This would be an entertaining project for children, teens, and adults alike. The idea and instructions were based upon a family blog called Growing Up Gabel so feel free to check out their site for even more ideas!

First, wind your black yarn around a chair 75 times. Make sure it is tight so it doesn’t slip and you lose your shape. You may do more or less, depending on how thick you want your spider to be.

Next, slide the yarn off the chair, keeping the loops separate. Then cut three 14” pieces of black yarn and tightly tie around the yarn loop. This will make three spiders.

Then cut the yarn in between the tied knots on the outer left and right sides where it is actually looped. It should look like this:

Cut and trim to make your desired spider shape. Be sure to keep the long strings the same size because they will need to tie the pipe cleaners into place.

Now you have a cute spider decoration to hang up in your home!

Craft #2: Green Halloween Slime

Items Needed:

  • Glow in the dark glue (2)

  • Green food dye

  • Borax

  • Plastic Caldron (optional, but cute for decor!)

This crazy glow in the dark slime can be used for both play and decoration, and would be a great project for anyone! However, there are chemicals in the glue and borax, so I would advise keeping this little project away from small children so they don’t put it on their face or in their mouth. This craft idea was inspired by the blog A Pumpkin and a Princess. Create responsibly!

To start, empty two bottles of glow-in-the-dark glue into a bowl. If you are struggling to get all of it out, fill some of the bottle with warm water then shake it. The final bits of glue should then ooze out with ease.

Next, add your green food dye. The amount you want to add is up to you, but since this type of glue is usually transparent, and even a little dye will get the job done.

In order to get the right slimy consistency, you’re going to need to make the solution. For this you’ll need borax and water. In a half cup of warm water, mix in a teaspoon of borax until it is dissolved.

Then, add the solution in small amounts until you reach your desired consistency. If you accidentally add too much, I would recommend adding some lotion, as it helps make the slime softer again. After that, you’re mostly done! You can add glitter, googly eyes, or even put it in a cauldron as well.

If you wish to find even more fun and easy crafts for this Halloween, I would highly suggest checking out the blogs I mentioned previously. If not, then Pinterest is an amazing alternative. Have fun and stay safe! 🎃

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