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Post Accusations

An American singer by the name of Post Malone has recently been accused of being abusive in his last relationship. Post’s ex-girlfriend, Ashlen Diaz, spoke out claiming Post Malone physically abused her throughout their relationship with picture evidence. As a result, he was being sued for these accusations by Ashlen’s lawyers. Her lawyers claimed they had evidence, with pictures and text messages correlating back to their abusive relationship.

Throughout their past three-year-old relationship, the lawyers claimed that he had been forceful and aggressive. According to SK POP, Martorell Law, Ashlen’s supposed lawyer filed a lawsuit against Post and Ashlen in 2022 for breaching the conditions of a palimony agreement that Ashlen requested originally with the help of Martorell. Ashlen apparently wanted to be paid after she and Malone originally broke up in 2018. She promised to give over a partial amount of the profits helping her gain the assistance of Martorell. This was all until they had managed to settle out of court leaving Martorell without any payment and the firm unsettled.

Martorell alleged that Post had convinced Ashlen to drop the firm and discuss a private arrangement. Ashlen eventually agreed and Post agreed to pay her around $350k to drop the matter of past actions. These events led to the firm suing both for cutting out the owed commissions. Post commanded that the court drop the lawsuit and move forward saying that he hadn’t forced anything onto Ashlen. The firm now seems to be attempting to keep everything in the air by saying that Post coerced and forced Diaz into the agreement and that Ashlen gave in allowing the past to impact her decision.

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