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Possibilities of the Next Year’s Theatrical Show!

Monsoon’s Theater: Little Shop of Horrors came to a successful end on February 3, 2024. As this spectacular show concludes, many wonder what’s in store for next year. 

I myself, am eager to see what the next show may be. Luckily, we have insight into the possibilities for next year’s theatrical musical. 

Number One Legally Blond:

Legally Blond is about Elle Woods, a determined girly-girl, that attends Harvard Law school in order to win back her ex-boyfriend’s heart. But, she soon uses her knowledge of law to help others. 

Number Two Mean Girls:

This musical is about Cady Heron who has been home-schooled her whole life and starts to attend a public high school. There, she has multiple ups and downs in her new high school life. 

Number Three Disaster!:

Disaster is about the first floating casino opening as the characters dance the night away as multiple catastrophes happen due to the lack of safety measures. 

These are the selection of musicals for next year; fortunately, the audience is able to make the option on what musical to choose based on the amount of money donated. From what we’ve heard so far, Legally Blond is currently in the running. 

The quantity of donations towards Monsoon Theater could completely change the result of the upcoming school year’s play. If you are interested in one of these musicals to win don’t forget to donate to the Monsoon Theater. 

I personally want either Mean Girls or Disaster! to win because I think those musicals will be hilarious and tongue in cheek. But, it seems some of the cast of Little Shop Horror seem to be rooting for Legally Blond. At the end of the day, any musical that will be done by the Mr. Saunders or by any other supporters in future musicals such as the music director, choreographer or tech. I’m sure the end result will be successful. 

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