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Staying In? Going Out? What Shall I Do?

After a long week of working a very exhausting schedule, the first thing you want to do is kick your feet up and relax. You turn on the TV to watch that new movie your friend recommended or maybe you go to your bed to take a small nap and re-energize. Suddenly, you remember that new store you’ve been wanting to go to for days now. Now you have to make a crucial decision that will influence how you spend your day. Either you can stay home and watch that new movie or you can go out to that store and buy some new clothes.

On one side, you could stay home and just relax all day. Having some time to yourself at home is beneficial, you have time to power down and do what you want to do. However, it could get boring after spending too much time at home. Staying in your PJs all day and being comfortable in your own home is ideal. After a long day of doing loads of work, you are probably already comfortable enough to just knock out on the couch, or you can go to bed and go to sleep.

On the other hand however, going out does sound equally as nice. Maybe you can meet up with a group of friends to spend the rest of the day with. You could probably go out to eat somewhere rather than going for takeout. You can finally buy that new pair of shoes you’ve always wanted. Only downside is probably having sore feet and needing to take a shower after the loads of walking you’ve done. Decisions, decisions; what would you do?

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