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“Palworld” Controversy

Palworld is the new controversial game on Steam, Windows, and XBox/XBox 1. A survival game created by Japanese developer Pocket Pair, Inc. The game is inspired by Ark: Survival Evolved, and Pocket Pair’s other game Craftopia. The company, Pocket Pair, Inc. was first founded in April 2015, and have also created games that are debatable as to how similar they are to Nintendo’s games and even Among Us

For example, Craftopia, which was first released in 2020 and is a similarly close resemblance to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, on Xbox1, Windows, and Steam. For example, Craftopia’s designs of their glider looks comparable to the glider in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Craftopia’s trailer also features a character that looks related to Nintendo’s character, Link, and there is no denying Craftopia’s blue goblin design looks almost identical to Nintendo’s blue bokoblin in you guessed it ,The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The list can continue from their shield mechanics and goblin outposts. 

This indicates that Pocket Pair, Inc. has had history with being coincidentally similar to popular video games. Which brings us to Palworld, the game that many in the media refers the game as “Pokemon with guns”. Although countless reviews and news around the media call Palworld many names like “A Pokémon Rip-Off '' and X (formally known as Twitter) has endless amounts of opinionated comments on the game. For instance, their pal’s designs, pal spheres, and their cartoony design style, and their explicit violence in the game itself. 

Yet besides the controversy on Palworld, this game skyrocketed on Steam and XBox/XBox1 with over 12 million who bought the game. This broke records and stunned many in confusion and piqued interest. Palworld attracted millions of gamers because it’s a simple but well put together game with mechanics that engages the player in an open world adventure and feels like a mix of all of one player's favorite games in one. Although this game has been given much controversy, it has also been praised immensely for the addictive graphics, distinctive pal designs, challenging obstacles, and dungeons that refreshes gamers to playing something unique to their usual video game. Palworld also attracts many gamers for its immersiveness, giving more freedom for the player to roam around the mysterious world at their own pace while being accompanied by both your online friends and Pals. Overall, this game can be used as a role-model that other video game franchises can learn from because Palworld gives the players what they want in a video game, exploration, less restraints, an entertaining plot, and a multiplayer option.


Cover Photo credits to Craftopia Wiki-Fandom

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