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Mayfair's New Website

For those of you who aren’t aware or weren’t updated, Mayfair has moved their website from to The website looks about the same as it did before, with the same old pictures from last school year but the page has a new modern look to it which is refreshing to see. When you open the website you see a slideshow of the admin, which includes Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Denmion, Ms. Lane and Mr. Diaz, then other pictures of past students at past events such as the middle school color run. When you scroll down a bit on the website you’re then shown little icons for resources students or parents might need, then you can also see all the statistics of our school such as how many students are enrolled at Mayfair, Mayfair’s graduation rate and much more. Another exciting thing about the website is that you can click and find a bunch of updated information like which counselor you have, the middle school/high school curriculum handbook and events coming up which are shown on the school’s calendar. The website also showcases the programs that are available and involved with Mayfair such as CALAPS, AVID and many more. The website also has many resources for students to reach out for moments that they may need it such as the student support requests and even the tip line. The school website and it being moved to a different website is a very drastic change but also a very good drastic change because of it keeping everything updated for both students and parents because it shows that they’re making an effort to keep up communication for those who possibly don’t have social media where they can get updated on major school events or what’s even going on at school.

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