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Niners vs Eagles Recap

On the day of Sunday, January 29th 2023 the Philadelphia Eagles played the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field. The ending score of the game was 7-31 Eagles. That then eliminated the 49ers out of the NFL conference championship. The Eagles are now in Superbowl LVII against the Kansas City chiefs.

During the game the Eagles earned a total of 267 yards, 121 passing yards, and 148 rushing yards. The Niners only earned 164 yards, 83 passing yards, and 81 rushing yards. Philadelphia takes the lead in the first quarter from Miles Sanders running into the end zone for the touchdown 7-0. The second quarter the Niners were still holding it down. However, Christian McCaffery then gets a 23 yard touchdown in the end zone tying the game up 7-7 because the Eagles returned the ball with a punt. Seven minutes later the Eagles then scored again.

During the second quarter, the Eagles ended up scoring two more times. Miles Sanders got another touchdown running 13 yards into the goal line. Boston Scott then scores a touchdown at 16 seconds on the clock before halftime running 16 yards into the end zone. Halftime then comes around, the score is 21-7, then, the last 2 quarters start. The Eagles end up scoring again in the 3rd quarter having a lead of 27-7 by the touchdown Jalen Hurts made by running 1 yard into the end zone. Jake Elliot then gets the 1 point conversion with the field goal making the score 28-7.

The 49ers were struggling to get a touchdown, and the Niners had to keep turning the ball over because they couldn’t get a first down. If they didn’t get the 10 yards then, they’d get intercepted. San Francisco had 3 turnovers the whole game, the Eagles didn’t have any. At the end of the quarter the eagles were in field goal range, so they decided to go for the field goal. Jake Elliot made the field goal getting 3 points making the niners down 31-7. At the end of the quarter around 4 minutes remaining a big fight happened with the Eagles and 49er players. Number 71 on the 49ers slammed one of the Eagle’s players on the ground, after that both teams were getting chaotic. The game then ends with the Eagles winning 31-7 heading to Superbowl 57 against the Kansas City Chiefs February 12 in Arizona at 3:30 pm .

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