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Mayfair vs. La Mirada Soccer Game

On January 13 our girl’s soccer varsity team played a rough game against La Mirada. In the beginning, it was a fairly even game and the ball was at play on all sides of the field. But once the opposing team broke through our defensive line and scored a solid goal, it was clear that our team lost its energy. For the remainder of the game we played heavily on our defensive side, chasing after La Mirada. In the end, the score was 0-3, with our team losing.
All of the goals scored were solid shots made by La Mirada. Their offense was extremely aggressive which ended up wearing down our defense. If we had played more offensively in the beginning, its likely these goals wouldn’t have been scored.
According to junior center-midfielder Peytyn Mize, the team needs to work harder on their tactical plays and their fitness. To which, most of the team and coaches agree. Coach Efrain believes that the team needs to improve their offensive line and that they need to take more shots on goal. In general, most of the team was in agreement that many improvements needed to be made. He also stated that they should have been, “using the width of the field”. By only playing in the middle of the field we lost control of the ball easier and had to waste too much energy chasing after the other team.
Overall, it is clear that La Mirada is dominating in sports this year. Mayfair is doing well, but La Mirada is doing better.

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