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Mayfair High’s Weekly Fashion : “Nathan J.’s Streetwear”

It is a fact that wherever you go, there will always be a variety of styles around you. Mayfair High is no exception to this mantra, where many students live out their individual styles through their clothing. Nathan J. , a former student at Mayfair High ,is one example of many who wear clothes that are both stylish and trendy. 

Recently, Mayfair has been trending with the style of streetwear. Transitioning from tightly fitted clothes for more baggy and loose items, streetwear itself is an aesthetic that is full of self expression. It is both comfortable and boldly emphasises an individual's self expression. Also, streetwear isn’t just baggy pants, sneakers, oversized t-shirts, and hats, there are many variations to the category of streetwear that’s a cultural statement in urban areas. 

Moreover, Nathan J.’s outfit has elements of streetwear culture; black baggy pants, sneakers, and a black long sleeve skater shirt. The brighter colors of his purple sneakers and pink design in his long sleeved shirt contrasts his black outfit. 

The fashion style of his friends has influenced his style, and he has received numerous compliments for his clothing taste. Although many with the streetwear aesthetic thrift their clothes for a vintage look and for the cheaper prices, Nathan J.’s outfit isn’t thrifted but costs around 90$. 

Whereas variants of streetwear can be extravagant and striking, his fit is leaning to more of a comfy and minimal streetwear which is perfect for a school environment. As a result, the outfit is not as straining to maintain, which is great for those who like to throw their clothes in the washer without worrying about the temperature or materials. However, it is important to note that the outfit is predominantly black, so it will absorb heat on hotter days, whereas the fit is most appropriate on sunny/chillier days. 

Overall, his outfit is an amazing inspiration for those who wish to transition from those with simple shirts and skinny jeans to exploring more clothes with various sizes of baggy clothes. In addition to adding more colors to your outfits that blend and contrast with others, you can make the perfect outfit for your days at school that shows off your individuality and expression through your clothing.

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