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Mayfair High’s Weekly Fashion : Halle C.’s Comfy Fit

Fashion is an art of creativity and is a part of our lives today, and unlike fashion shows, Mayfair High School has a good share of many students and teachers with an unique, trendy ,and stylish sense of fashion. As of the latest fits this week we have Halle C. , a student in Mayfair High that prefers dressing in her own way that is both comfortable, simple, and pleasing to the eyes. 

This scholar’s outfit consists of a turtleneck sweater from Burlington, boot cut jeans, and white shoes that match the white undershirt. She also wears wireless black headphones and a crunchie that gives personalization to the fit. For her stylistic choices are more casual but with a cozy vibe. The overall fit cost around 100+$ since it wasn’t thrifted, however, many can find similar clothes in other stores. It has low maintenance of needing to be washed with colder water and may need to be hung to dry depending on the material of clothing. 

Some have commented that the style was giving “old money” than other styles seen on the campus, however she considers it a compliment and embraces having a more mature style from others. For her style isn’t a bright colorscheme but a neutral colorscheme that makes other pleasant tones of color pop more!

Halle C. enjoys wearing these comfy outfits because it’s perfect when you’re at school; when you’re stressed, having headphones and snug clothes is relaxing and helps you focus in class. Moreover, the outfit is cozy when it comes to colder weather. 

Overall, to any who wants a comfortable and casual fit, Halle C.’s outfit is a perfect example. It’s pleasant and cozy, and there are endless options of accessories to personalize what you wear; jewlery, headphones, bags, hats, and more. Wearing clothes that make you happy is a privilege of expressing yourself and shouldn’t be suppressed by anyone with a different perspective. For “it’s a new era in fashion, there are no rules.” - Alexander McQueen

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