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Mayfair Fall Sports Recap

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Girls Tennis Recap

Mayfair’s Girls Tennis had a great season by managing to place second in the league and qualifying for a spot in CIF. Mayfair’s tennis coach, coach Tran, states that “Senior Savannah Ford was undefeated and won the Suburban League singles title.” He continues to mention, “She went on to play in CIF and got to the third round before losing to a stronger player from Mater Dei. She will be receiving an award from our district and hopefully be chosen for the Lakewood Hall of Fame for Performer of the Year in tennis.” The team had many new players that joined during the summer and all of them grew fast in learning new skills and were able to overcome many challenges. Savannah is proud of how those new players grew fast and were able to learn quickly during the season when she helped many of them become better. She says her biggest challenge as a team captain during the season was “being nervous in how [she] had to win in order for the whole team to win” since it all depends on the individual player. She was able to face that challenge by walking into the position and taking on all responsibilities and challenges that come with being a team captain.

Girls Volleyball Recap

The Mayfair Girls Volleyball team also had a great season. They went undefeated 9-0 in league and made it to the second round of CIF. The team as a whole faced a challenge “because we were short an outside hitter”, senior Asha Greenidge says. Similarly, sophomore Hailee Ryan says, “Some of the challenges the team faced this season were not having a true outside hitter as well as having 3 newbies to volleyball on varsity” she then adds, “we put in three hours of practice every day, occasional weekend practices, and practices that targeted teaching the newbies skills to combat these challenges.” Many volleyball players did not know each other due to the pandemic and being 2 years away from volleyball led to the lack of communication between players. To further add to the distance, they gained new coaching staff which played a role in the chemistry between the players in how it was different adapting to coaches and teammates during the pandemic. Overall, Asha says, “Our team did a great job at facing challenges by stepping up to a position” she then adds, “coach Hitt was definitely a huge help in overcoming team and individual challenges and Mayfair is lucky to have him.”

Football Recap

Mayfair’s football team had an incredible regular season. They were one of the first teams to go undefeated in a few years. They won their undefeated fifth consecutive suburban league championship in many games against different school teams. The senior class will leave as the second consecutive senior class to have never lost a suburban league game. They were able to make it to the first playoffs against Santa Ana and lost. Their football season was a learning experience for them. “All the athletes did their best but it was us coaches that did not train our athletes well”, coach Bedell said. This football season was a learning opportunity for all the football athletes as well as coaches to learn from what had been done and what they should do to train better for their next season. The biggest challenge coach Bedell said the team had was that “we played two football seasons in a calendar year because we played in the spring due to Covid and then we played a regular football season in the fall, there were challenges for the players to playing that many games and practices in such a condensed time period”. Overall, Coach Bedell is proud of all the football athletes in how they focused on the football aspect of things and did not focus on the outside distractions that happened in their lives.

Cross Country Recap

The Mayfair cross country team, both boys and girls varsity, won as League champions and they advanced to CIF prelims. Coach Boppell is proud of all the accomplishments that the team accomplished together during the season, he notes that, “Winning races is not about an individual runner but winning takes the entire team with every runner included to win.” Boys Varsity placed first place and Girls Varsity placed second. Senior Juan Guerrero won as an individual league champion. The Mayfair cross country Boys Varsity is proud to win as league champions which lead Mayfair to have a streak of 3 years in a row in being league champions. Despite a mid-season injury, senior Mia placed 7th during the CIF prelims at the Mt. SAC race and she advanced to the CIF finals as an individual runner with a time of 19:59 and a place of 46. Mia is looking forward to track season as she states, “I look forward to track, and to remember that obstacles don’t define the success of a season.”

Girls Golf Recap

Girls Golf had a great, successful season. The golf players, Sadie Saez, Riley Starks, Elisa Contreras, and Sophia Haibel all made it to the third and final day of leagues. The team overall scored 2nd place in league during the fall season. They played many games this season and had many challenges that had to be faced. One of the challenges sophomore Sadie had was “balancing [her] academics,” she continues by saying “I was able to face my challenges by putting in the extra work, by going in for extra help, and really focused on facing those challenges.” she adds, “Overall, our team did very well and had many success as well as many learning experiences.”

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