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Love and Human Connection

Sometimes I wonder what love is. Love is one of many emotions that can make you or break you. In my case, it’s the reason why I am who I am today.Those moments you spend with someone that make you feel okay about every inch of yourself are the ones you shouldn't take for granted. Leaving the ones you thought you had a connection with as deep as the ocean is scary but if it isn't mutual then the love isn’t there. The one who loves you for you is the one that will do the small things for you, not out of pressure, not because you ask them to, or maybe because they think it’ll make you smile, but because they are a genuine person and they want to give you the best. Most of the time it's because they subconsciously wish to show you how happy you make them. Love can be shown through so many things, sometimes you can easily mistake pain for love because you grew up to think that hurting means it’s love. I promise you it's not. At the end of the day, the feeling you call love can be overwhelming and too much but when you have the one you call your own, nothing will ever be too tough to get through if they’re by your side. It's not something that just pops up, it's something that keeps growing when you find your person. Don't bring yourself down because you feel as if no one will show up. My mom says “Don't look for love, let it look for you.” That's the best advice I have ever received so I hope it helps you the way it continues to help me. The human connection is special, me telling you how wonderful it is doesn't change your perspective on it. Though it can have its ups and downs, sometimes human connection is what's best. Knowing you have someone to support you through thick and thin is so comforting. I’ve written this from my 3 years of experience trying to figure out what love and human connection is and honestly I don't think I've figured it out but I do have an idea of it. it's not something you search for, it's what you allow to enter your life.

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