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It's Britney... again

The Princess of Pop, Queen B, Godney… or also known as Britney Spears, has made a comeback after 6 years of no music production. At one time, Spears was the most well known singer in the world, but then she took a break from singing. Her comeback was with her close friend and classic singer, Elton John. Her most popular songs being “Toxic”, “Gimme More” and “Criminal”. Although, you probably know her because of “It's Britney B****”. Her songs have earned her a place in Hollywood and have had her nominated for over 8 Grammys in one year, she’s an extremely successful artist.

Her new song with Elton John, titled “Hold me Closer”, has over 3 million streams on Spotify alone and with millions more on other platforms, the song itself being in the Pop genre. Although less than 24 hours before the song was released Britney deleted her instagram account, she did reactivate it again later on. Their song has hit #1 in over 40 different countries and this marks the first time in 6 years that she’s produced a song from the studio. “It was an honor to work with such an artist,” she said in a Guardian Interview.

While Britney Spears was a household name, and still is, her name has been recently brought up in legal issues concerning her father. Involving her conservatorship, she accused her father of abusing the power it gave him. She won her court case, which ended the 13 year conservatorship. Now she is free to make her own decisions when it comes to her choices about music, performing and so much more. I believe that's why she produced the song, she finally had the choice and I think she made the right one.

I asked the biggest Britney fan I know, my uncle, questions about his favorite singer. He's been a Britney fan since 98’, and knows all her songs in and out.When I asked him what his favorite song was, he said “That’s such a hard question because she has decades of so many good hits, released and unreleased! But if i had to choose one, it would have to be “Break the Ice” from her album “Black Out”.” He started to get really into her during her “ one more time era”. Around that time, he noticed that her music and her video styles were something the world had never seen from a pop artist.

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