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Interview with the New Teacher: Mr. Lee

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Mr. Lee is one of our newer teachers of Mayfair High School, teaching digital art in the new STEAM building. Not only is he one of our newest teachers, but I have the privilege of being in his class! I decided to interview him and asked him a few questions regarding himself and his choices in his career. Q : What inspired you to become a teacher [for] digital art? A : My Graphic Design class in high school was my favorite class! It was so much fun designing posters, logos, and t-shirts. I really like it when I’m in focus mode, where I block everything out and focus on my art. I wanted to share my passion with the next generation because I think there’s great benefits in practicing art.

Q : Why did you decide to teach at Mayfair? A : There’s so many dedicated and talented students here at Mayfair. When you see their work, it’s so inspiring, and it really moves me. Plus, getting the chance to teach in the brand new [STEAM] building is a great honor and a privilege. I am grateful to be here.

Q : When did you first start teaching? Did you teach at any other schools?

A : Right out of college, I served as a student teacher at Anaheim. I first started as a history teacher, but my true passion was in art — specifically graphic design.

Q : Is there anything else you would like to say?

A : I would like students to know that you don’t have to compare yourself to others, just let go and enjoy the ride. Your time in high school and college are critical, and there’s pressure to be successful right out the gate — but there’s beauty and value in all things, from the people you meet to the subjects you study. Keep an open mind and build a positive community of friends and mentors around you. The real purpose of higher education should be finding your passion and dedicating your life to building the best possible version of yourself! And remember, the work is never over… embrace challenges and changes. Buy the ticket, and take the ride!

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