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Illegal crossing in Texas calling for action

Within these last couple of weeks, there have been occurring issues popping up in Texas. Specifically on the border, where almost 6 million illegal crossings have taken place. After a while of the situation getting more out of hand seeing the numbers start to spike, Texas decided to put up barbed wire along the border in an attempt to keep the migrant populations out. With the wire only being there for a short amount of time, President Biden caught wind of this action to which he quickly responded. Biden sent out a team to Texas to cut down the wire, when he disagreed with the decision to put it up made by Greg Abott, the governor of Texas.

After Biden's order to take it down, Greg Abott refused. Abbott not only refused to cut out the wire but he also decided to mention that the Texas Constitutional rights say that Texas has the right to not allow any illegal migrant into their borders. So with Biden and Abott on opposing sides, things have gotten heated between the two. With the situation looking the way that it does, it seems that the majority of the United States seem to be taking Greg Abbott’s side with the notion that the Biden Administration has failed, forcing Texas to take a rebellious charge. With so many people on Abott’s side, several states have confirmed their support of Texas and have even sent in help including people and materials.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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