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Friends Actor, Matthew Perry, Dead at 54

The beloved actor, Matthew Perry, most famously known for his role on the hit TV show, Friends, died on Saturday night, October 28 at the young age of 54 from an apparent drowning in his hot tub. He spent his last morning enjoying his favorite activity of pickleball, he reportedly played this game twice a day for two hours, but on Saturday he called it quits because he had felt fatigued.

After his activity of pickleball, he returned to his $6 million dollar mansion in Pacific Palisades. He told his assistant to run some errands including getting him a new phone, while he relaxed in his hot tub. When she came back, she sadly found him dead in his hot tub.

Shockingly, one of his last posts on Instagram was him overlooking the sky in the hot tub, leaving fans saddened by the cause of death. Many of his co-stars have spoken out including Salma Hayek from their movie Fools Rush In. However, co-stars that haven’t spoken out include the main characters of the cast Friends. Many fans have been sending negative comments to these actors, but everyone deals with grief differently.

One speculation about his death includes drugs. Matthew Perry has been public about his struggle with addiction. In his book, he goes into details about his struggle during the show as we see rapid increase and decrease in his weight.He also goes on to state that his co-stars helped him tremendously through this rough patch in his life. This led the public to believe that drugs were involved with his death. However, law enforcement sources told TMZ that fentanyl and meth were not in his system at the time of his death.

Matthew Perry was a beloved actor and friend, may he rest in peace.

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